All In One Showergel

 All In One Shower Gel

It's all about you. We're good support you all for about reduce acne and reduce black spot wrinkles on face includs helping brighter face

 Best Global Thai cosmetics ever face care and body care reanimate to protect acne and get rid of acne and reduce spot wrinkles on face includes helping brighter face which is completely natural Of All In One Soap under license of Kenika Herb.

No Harsh Preservative and No Colors Added .

All In One Shower Gel

Price  THB. 269

Size 400ML

All In One Shower Gel

Our nature-inspired Facial All In One Shower Gel is a skincare essential, containing a blend of SOLANUM LYCOPERSICUM EXTRACT,
ANANAS COMOSUS EXTRACT, ALOE VERA EXTRACT, CALLUS EXTRACT,GOTU KOLA EXTRACT ,CARICA PAPAYA FRUIT EXTRACT,GINGER EXTRACT,ALLIUM CEPA BULB EXTRACT that deliver impressive results. Our Facial All In One Shower Gel is free from harsh chemicals and perfect for anyone looking for a gentle but effective washest.

With great results strongly reccommend use All In One Shower Gel with Toner after wash your face.

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